ALYB Summer League

A player is eligible to participate in a particular age division based on the player’s age on April 30th, 2024. A player may choose to play in the next higher age division if the parent/guardian feels that the player may safely participate in that age group.

NOTE: Despite their league age on April 30th, 2024, a player may request to play one extra season in the age division they last played in and this request would be reviewed on a case by case basis and with the input of the previous season’s coach. If you are considering a special request, please reach out to us at before registering.

Each player will receive a team shirt and hat as part of their successful registration. Player fees also take into account that no fundraising is required and families are not required to work in the Concession Stand. Other costs that player fees are intended to cover include, but are not limited to, utilities (power, water, etc.), umpires, baseballs, field improvements/maintenance and gas/maintenance for all field equipment and lawn mowers.

If a player does not have a recent player evaluation on file from either a previous coach or a preseason evaluation day, then the player will be required to attend one of two player evaluation days before being eligible to be placed on a roster. Families will be notified by email if their player(s) are required to attend a player evaluation day.



6U Division

This Division introduces players to the basic rules and awareness of the game of baseball. The greatest emphasis is placed on having fun while learning and no score is kept at this level. Managers and coaches are encouraged to instruct players while walking around the field during the game.

Games in this division utilize a pitching machine as well as a hitting tee. For safety purposes, the baseballs used in games and practices are soft.

10-game regular season.


8U Division

This Division is the first competitive level in the ALYB baseball program where game scores are recorded and league standings are maintained. Coaches strive to cultivate a genuine interest in the sport, while at the same time introducing them to the basic rules and awareness of the game.

Games in this division utilize a pitching machine. Regulation baseballs are used in games and practices.

14-game regular season plus postseason tournament.


10U Division

This Division introduces player pitching into all games while continuing the instruction of fundamental baseball skills. Coaches refine the feeling and concept of playing as a team, as well as encouraging and helping one another. Players begin to develop an understanding of competing as a team and winning and losing as a team.

Special rules are in place to promote pace of play and to keep players engaged in the game.

14-game regular season plus postseason tournament.


12U Division

This Division addresses the finer points of the game of baseball, while emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship. Development of pitchers and catchers, as well as improving hitting, throwing and fielding techniques, are the primary focus at this level.

Most special rules have been removed in this division, as players continue to be prepared for the next level of play.

14-game regular season plus postseason tournament.


15U Division

Players in this Division are introduced to a different set of rules (IHSA/IESA) appropriate for this age group. Lead-offs, balks and dropped third strikes are part of the rule set at this level.

The 15U Division is a county-wide league and the American Legion acts as the administrator (i.e., scheduling, rules meetings, etc.) for the league as well as the host for the Post-Season Tournament.

14-game regular season plus postseason tournament.