Rules and Regulations (A-d Leagues)

American Legion Youth Baseball Leagues (A, B, C and D) shall adhere to the Official Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball unless otherwise noted on this page or in the 2018 ALYB Official Playing Rules.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Little League University which is an online training resource portal that contains numerous videos and an assortment of educational and informational content that will benefit umpires, coaches, and parents. Registration is free.

A. Team Composition

Each team in a league shall have as close to the same number of players as possible (normally 10-12), this number being determined by the overall number of players signed up to play at the completion of the application period.

Players that apply after team rosters have been constructed will either be assigned to open roster spots by the ALYB Board (if paid in full and spots are available) or placed on a waiting list (if not paid in full or spots are not available). Head coaches with open roster spots after team rosters have been constructed may not actively seek out players to fill those roster spots.

The ALYB Board will determine the final number of players on each team, as well as any potential replacement players needed by a team that loses a player due to injury, illness or other reason that causes them to withdraw from the league.

Each team is allowed a maximum of eight (8) players of the oldest age at each playing level:

A League - Eight (8) 12-year olds
B League - Eight (8) 10-year olds
C League - Eight (8) 8-year olds

NOTE 1: No players will be added to a Pony, A, B or C Summer League team roster after June 1st.

NOTE 2: No players will be added to an A or B Fall League team roster after September 15th.

IMPORTANT: Effective Summer 2018, no teams formed outside of the American Legion draft process will be accepted into the A, B and C Summer Leagues.

B. Game Schedules

Game Days/Times

All teams will be scheduled to play 1-2 games per week, with regularly scheduled games typically occurring Monday-Thursday evenings.  Game times are 5:45 pm and 7:30 pm for A, B and C Leagues (5:45 and 6:45 for D League). 

Opening Day for the Summer League occurs on a Saturday in mid-May with the first game starting at 12 Noon.

Opening Day for the Fall League occurs the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day.

Make-up Games

The safety of all players is of utmost importance when considering whether to cancel or postpone games. The ALYB Board prefers to not postpone games if at all possible but poor field conditions or the threat of lightning may result in games being rescheduled for another date and time.

Make up games or the resumption of suspended games will be scheduled by the ALYB Board as needed and may occur on Friday evenings or weekends (NOTE: This may result in a team playing more than two games in a week).  A suspended game may be completed prior to a scheduled game involving the same team or teams.

IMPORTANT: Teams may not cancel or reschedule their own games due to a lack of player participation or availability.  Please see the call-up rules for each age group.

C. Special Games

Spring Training Games (Summer League Only)

ALYB will schedule Spring Training Games for A, B, and C Leagues one week prior to the beginning of the regular season. These are practice games that allow teams to prepare for the upcoming season. Players wear old uniforms or practice attire. Any team may also arrange for a practice game any time prior to or during the regular season, provided it does not conflict with another team’s practice time or with any make-up or regularly scheduled games.

Post-Season Tournament

A, B and C leagues will take part in a Post-Season Tournament at the end of the regular season. The tournament will be a seeded single-elimination tournament based on the final regular season standings.

D. Mandatory Playing Time

Every player on a Legion team roster (A-C Leagues) will participate in each game for a minimum of six (6) defensive outs and bat at least one (1) time in a six inning game. PENALTY: The player(s) involved shall start the next scheduled game, play any previous requirement not completed and the requirement for the current game before being removed.

The manager shall for the:

A. First Offense – receive a written warning.

B. Second Offense – a suspension for the next scheduled game.

C. Third Offense – a suspension for the remainder of the season.

: If the violation is determined to have been intentional, a more severe penalty may be assessed by the Board of Directors. However, forfeiture of a game may not be invoked.

NOTE 2: There is no exception to this rule unless the game is shortened for any reason (i.e. weather, darkness, or the 10-run rule), at which time the League may elect not to impose a penalty on the manager/coach.

E. Borrowing of Players

A and B Leagues

During the regular and post-season, A League and B League teams may pull players up from an affiliated team at the next lower level only in order to have nine (9) players on the roster with the consent of the opposing coach and the substitute player’s parent.  The player shall not play any infield position, must be placed at the end of the batting order and may only be used in a total of three (3) games in a season.  At no time should a player miss any portion of their regular team’s scheduled game to play for another team.  Any team not having a team with the same sponsor at the next lower level of play will be assigned an affiliated team by the ALYB Board prior to the beginning of the season.

EXCEPTION: In the Fall League, coaches have the option to borrow up to two (2) players from another A or B League team in order to reach nine (9) players.

NOTE: For tracking purposes, umpires will note on the Official Score Sheet any borrowed players being used by either team.

C League

During the regular and post-season, a C League team may borrow a player from another C League team only in order to have nine (9) players on the roster with the consent of the opposing coach and the player’s parent.  The player shall not play any infield position, must be placed at the end of the batting order and may only be used as a substitute for any another C League team a total of three (3) times in a season.

NOTE: For tracking purposes, umpires will note on the Official Score Sheet any borrowed players being used by either team.

F. Pitching

Any player on a regular season team may pitch. (NOTE: There is no limit to the number of pitchers a team may use in a game.)  One pitch in an inning is considered an inning pitched.

A League players are allowed to pitch two (2) consecutive innings per game. A maximum of fourteen (14) twelve-year old pitching innings is allowed per week.

B League players are allowed to pitch two (2) consecutive innings per game.

Violation of any section of this regulation can result in protest of the game in which it occurs.  Protest shall be made in accordance with Playing Rule 4.19.  A team that intentionally uses a pitcher who has exceeded the allowable innings for the week or day shall forfeit the game. If it is found to be unintentional the pitcher shall be removed from the mound at the time it is discovered that the pitcher is ineligible and the game shall continue from that point.

NOTE 1: The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after that pitcher is announced, or after a warm-up pitch is delivered, but before that player has pitched a ball to a batter, shall not be considered a violation. ALYB managers and coaches are urged to take precautions to prevent protests. When a protest situation is imminent, the potential offender should be notified immediately.

NOTE 2: Pitches delivered in games declared “Regulation Tie Games” or “Suspended Games” shall be charged against pitcher’s eligibility.

NOTE 3: In suspended games resumed on another day, the pitchers of record at the time the game was halted may continue to pitch to the extent of their eligibility for that game/week.

G. Awards

At the completion of the final Summer post-season tournament game, all members of A, B, C and D League teams will be provided with awards for participation in the American Legion Youth Baseball Program. Team awards will be provided for regular season champions, post-season tournament champions and post-season tournament runners-up.

The Summer Awards Ceremony will take place on the A League Diamond immediately following the completion of the last A, B or C League Championship game.

At the completion of each Fall post-season Championship game, team awards will be provided for post-season tournament champions and post-season tournament runners-up.

H. Field Decorum

The actions of players, managers, coaches, and umpires must be above reproach. Any player, manager, coach, umpire or league representative who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation, or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, at the game or any other league activity, is subject to disciplinary action by the ALYB Board.

The use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in any form is prohibited on the playing field, benches or dugouts. Alcohol is prohibited at the game site.

I. Points of Emphasis

All games should start as close as possible to their scheduled times. This is especially important for the first game of the evening. Coaches of both teams should be done with their pre-game warm-ups and be ready to start games on time.

Time in between half-innings should be kept as short as possible and teams should be encouraged to hustle on and off the field. Coaches will be reminded to have their catchers ready when going back out on defense.

Umpires have the discretion to restrict any player to the bench for a minimum of one inning as a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Player ejections at this level are rare and should only occur in the most severe of circumstances.

Managers and coaches are not only responsible for their own behavior during games, but also for those of parents, family members and other individuals associated with their team. If an umpire needs to address unsportsmanlike conduct involving a manager, coach, parent, family member or other individual, they shall consider following these steps which shall be directed to the Head Coach of the team associated with the offender:

• Verbal Warning
• Written Warning (Head Coach restricted to the bench for remainder of game)
• Forfeit


If a situation is deemed to be of a more serious nature, the game may be delayed while an ALYB Board Member is contacted. Umpires shall not address spectators directly if at all possible when encountering negative comments, behavior, etc.

Managers and coaches shall not sit outside the dugout on buckets, stools, etc.

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