Mission Statement

The American Legion Youth Baseball League is a program of service to youth. Its goal is to provide children ages 15 and below with an enjoyable baseball experience, which includes learning the basic skills of baseball, teaching and instructing youth in the rules of baseball, promoting teamwork, and developing skills necessary to play youth baseball safely. The organization aims to instill the values of sportsmanship and competition in youth and to provide lifelong habits of diet, exercise, and health in youth.



The primary objective of the ALYB Program is to promote the growth of baseball at all levels of competition for the Central Illinois community. The American Legion Youth Baseball Board of Directors must attract and develop the best managers, coaches, umpires, and other adult leaders to ensure that our children have an enjoyable learning and playing experience. The development of sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, respect for authority, and physical fitness are the organization’s priorities. In order to accomplish these objectives, we seek to attain the following objectives:

• To govern the league in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and persons, above other considerations.

• To provide our players with volunteer coaches who work with players of all ability levels and who remember that development of exceptional athletic skills and winning games is secondary to the development of players and to providing our players with positive examples and a positive baseball experience.

• To provide our players with volunteer coaches who seek to teach those players the rules of the game along with proper baseball fundamentals.

• To provide high-quality facilities and equipment for the use of our players.