ALYB Fall Baseball Program

ALYB offers a Fall Baseball Program that is intended to offer players an opportunity to continue their skills development and to prepare those players that will be moving up in age group the following summer an opportunity to experience the higher age group early.

NOTE: There is no connection/correlation between ALYB Summer and Fall Leagues.

League Boundaries/Membership

Any child meeting the age requirements for one of ALYB’s leagues is eligible for active player membership. There are no league boundaries in determining if a player is eligible to apply to play American Legion Youth Baseball. Applications are open to all individuals and league assignments are determined based on the age guidelines in the Player Applications section below.

NOTE: IESA Rules do not prohibit a player from participating in both the school’s baseball team and an ALYB team. However, the player’s school must approve whether the player can participate in both the ALYB team and the school’s team.

Important Dates

ALYB maintains a Program Calendar on this website which contains all important dates for the current year pertaining to events including application dates, application deadlines and special events. Detailed information, including downloadable/printable documents, can often be found by clicking on these events.

Player Applications

Player Applications/Payments for the Fall League are accepted online beginning  in late June.  Individual applications along with payment can also be turned in at the Concession Stand Building during game nights.  Each player will receive a team shirt and hat as part of their successful application.  Other costs that player fees are intended to cover include, but are not limited to, utilities (power, water, etc.), umpires, baseballs and gas/maintenance for all field equipment and lawn mowers.

IMPORTANT: Any player that is not paid in full by the time of the Player Draft will not be assigned to a team and will be placed on a waiting list.

A player is eligible to participate in a particular league based on the player’s age on April 30th of the following year. No player can be on rosters in two different divisions in the same season. Age groups include:




C League – Machine Pitch (8U)

B League (10U)

A League (12U)

A player may apply to play at the level above the one that they are age eligible for if the player’s parents and the ALYB Board feel that the player possesses the appropriate skills and no safety concerns exist.  In addition, if the ALYB Board feels that a player’s skill level significantly exceeds those typical of the league that they are age eligible for then that player may be assigned to the next higher league. 

Any player assignments outside of the above guidelines must be approved by the ALYB Board.

Please choose from one of the options below to apply for the 2017 Fall League:


Teams from surrounding communities are invited to play Fall Baseball with ALYB approved rosters.

American Legion coaches may hand select a maximum of six (6) players for their roster prior to the player draft.