American Legion Youth Baseball 8U (C League) Division

The 8U Division is the first competitive level in the ALYB baseball program where game scores are recorded and league standings are maintained.  For players that are just starting out at this level, coaches must strive to cultivate a genuine interest in the sport, while at the same time introducing them to the basic rules and awareness of the game. As a primary objective, the kids need to have the feeling of fun and enjoyment and a willingness to learn and participate. The greatest emphasis should be placed on having fun while learning some basic baseball sense, with “winning” as a low priority.

There is no need to begin to develop the competitiveness of the game or put pressure
on the kids to perform at this level. 

Games in this division utilize a pitching machine.  Regulation baseballs are used in games and practices.

8U (C League) Division Objectives

Encourage all players and parents to cheer on both teams. Try to keep the game moving whenever possible so the kids don’t get bored. Managers and coaches are encouraged to instruct players during the game and are not restricted to the dugout, but are not allowed in fair territory and should avoid interfering with or being a distraction to game play.

The list below contains the general points of emphasis for the 8U Division. Please see the 8U Division Coach Resources for specific goals.

• Learn and understand the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.
• Respect for coaches, players and umpires.
• A baseball sense of concentration and the need to pay attention throughout the entire game.
• Why they need to practice to improve.
• Basic warm-up drills and their importance.
• General baseball field layout and positions.
• Batting
• Where to stand; how to stand; how to hold a bat; proper bat size and weight; swinging and hitting mechanics.
• Fielding
• Throwing
• Proper throwing mechanics.
• Base running
• What base to run to and when; how to round the bases.
• Proper sliding techniques, demonstrations and drills.
• Some basic baseball rules.
• Necessary safety regulations.
• Proper dress and equipment; controlling their tempers.

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