American Legion Youth Baseball 10U (B League) Division

At this level the emphasis is still on having fun, but having fun while being instructed and learning some of the fundamental baseball skills. The kids must learn to listen and practice what they are being taught. They should begin to refine the feeling and concept of playing as a team, encouraging and helping one another.

Although the idea of competitiveness and “winning” is not emphasized, the kids will begin to develop an understanding of competing as a team and winning and losing as a team. Individualism and “star” status should be discouraged. Although there still may be many newcomers to the sport of baseball at this level, it may be assumed that many of the kids have the basic awareness of what the game is about. Some basic skills may have already been taught and you can begin to develop the more fundamental ones.

10U (B League) Division Objectives

Encourage all players and parents to cheer on both teams.  Managers and coaches are encouraged to instruct players during the game, but are not allowed on the field while the ball is live.

The list below contains the general points of emphasis for the 10U Division. Please see the 10U Division Coach Resources for specific goals.

• Learn and understand the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.
• Respect for coaches, players and umpires.
• Re-visit basic baseball rules.
• Warm-up drills and their importance.
• Basic bunting techniques.
• Improved throwing and fielding.
• An introduction to pitching and basic mechanics.
• Develop real position play.
• Development of catchers and the appropriate skills.
• Batting
• Where to stand; how to stand; how to hold a bat; proper bat size and weight; swinging and hitting mechanics; how to hit live pitching.
• Improved base running.
• Watching for and listening to the base coaches.
• Introduction to coach’s signs.
• Proper sliding techniques, demonstrations and drills.

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